Bow Technologies 

certified service lab.


                  By BOW CTO - Lars Moltke - MoLIT.




Upgrade your ZZ-1:

New upgrade for the ZZ-1. All caps will be changed, new bias circuit, new output MOSFETS and change in the input stage. This will turn your old ZZ-1 into a brand new amp...


Upgrade your ZZ-8:

After many years of intense tweaks and lots of costumer feedback, the new BOW ZZ-8 MRK III DAC V1a is ready. You can ship the player to DK or do the upgrade as a DIY project. This turns the D/A conversion up in the worlds top 5 on the marked.


Wizard upgrade:

The DAC used in the ZZ-8 can also be mounted inside the Wizard CD player. This means that the Wizard can be brought up to the ZZ-8 standard.


Need a repair?

Due to my work as CTO, I've access to all circuit diagrams, internal documentation and NOS components. I also have deep down knowledge of the circuits (I did them myself) and know errors Therefore you can get the best repair in the world for your Bow product.


Special solutions:

If you need any kind of special solution, please feel free to contact me




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