2nd hand units.


By BOW CTO - Lars Moltke - MoLIT.




I do have two D/A converters and one amplifier on stock and then of cause the ZZ-8 upgrade PCBs - The DACs are used but 100% working, nice chassis, and with one year of warranty each. Click on the pics, and they will open up.


Based on the Bow ZZ-8 MRK I D/A converter:


The original D/A converter but very hard modified, compared to the original design. The sonic performance is not to be compared to the old converter at all.


The digital input section is based on the M2TECH OEM 192K/24 module.


The original digital circuit is removed and a NOS register is taking care of the clocking of the stacked PCM1702 D/A converters.


The PSU and the I/U converters in the analogue circuits are modified and the output OpAmps are changed.


This design is still my favorite and is the 'father' to my MRK III design.




Based on the Bow ZZ-8 MRK II D/A converter:


This design is made of Guido Tent + frinds from Tent Labs.


It has only been used for my reference to be able to verify ZZ-8 CDP's sonic performance. Also used to compare different solutions, technologies and D/A converter. 100% without scratches.


The digital input section is based on the M2TECH OEM 192K/24 module.


This really is something for the 192/24 people, because it is capable to stream REAL highres 192/24 all the way through the computer into the USB/I2S interface, through the NOS register and into the 24 bit PCM1704 D/A-Converters. The MRK II board is upgraded to the latest V9, which means all modifications in the analog circuits and the PSU have been made up to the latest standard.









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