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ZZ 8 - 192/24 NOS with USB input

                     By BOW CTO - Lars Moltke - MoLIT.



Upgrade of your ZZ-8:


If you have a worn out laser optic or if the time has overtaken your old ZZ-8 player please consider upgrading your ZZ-8 player.

The latest DAC MRK III upgrade brings your player up into the worldís top 5 best performing players in the world.

On top of that itís possible, after the upgrade, to connect other digital sources to the CDP. Different configurations can be made to fulfill your demand such as additional REAL 192/24 USB interface.

Iíve made it possible to make the upgrade as a DIY project, and you can therefore save the very expensive cost to ship the player to Denmark and aback again.
-  A complete upgrade manual is made, and you donít need skills such as advanced soldering ect.


Please read the upgrade manual and consider if you are skilled enough to handle the job by yourself. If not youíre very welcome to have the unit upgraded here by me in Denmark or by my partner in the US.

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